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Position Promo is very proud to announce our latest Social Impact investment in support of the recently incorporated Westerman Jilya Institute for Indigenous Mental Health. 

An initiative developed by Njamal woman and Australian of the Year (WA) 2018, Adjunct Professor Tracy Westerman, the Institute will aim to provide clinical and cultural best practice to train, develop and undertake vital research, enabling organisations to meet the needs of high-risk Aboriginal communities.

In Australia, Indigenous suicides occur at double the rate of non-Indigenous suicides. Alarmingly, 40% of child deaths in Indigenous communities are by suicide. Dr Westerman’s vision is to support Aboriginal students with rural and remote connections to become psychologists, skilled in Indigenous-specific mental health, suicide prevention and intervention programs. To achieve this Dr Westerman is striving to eliminate one very real barrier to Indigenous people studying at university – the financial barrier.

Position Promo are extremely proud to be supporting this initiative and look forward to sharing more information as Tracy expands her program nationally and continues to fight Indigenous Youth Suicide. 

Follow Dr Tracy Westerman to keep up to date with her latest work on Twitter 


Supply Chain Management

Position Promo has built strong domestic and international supplier relationships.
We h ave been able to consolidate o ur supply chain optimising not only efficiency,
quality and thorough delivery but also price flexibility. Our decision making process
on this consolidation has been extremely thorough and we are now in a position
where we are a priority client with our key stakeholders in all areas of our business,
ranging from various product suppliers, printers and embroiderers.
We have identified the most well credentialed suppliers in each of these areas t o
the point where we have an intimate knowledge of not only their business
processes but also their talented staff. We are a priority with our suppliers and our
relationship enables us to pinpoint price, delivery schedules and design
requirements for all of our clients.

This priority allows us to provide;
• The most competitive prices to our clients
• Flexibility on pricing – the ability to negotiate with our suppliers
• Highest quality product as a result of a intimate knowledge of our suppliers and
their standard of work
• Fast turn around times
• Creative assistance on artwork design
• Service levels that are of the highest standard
• Traceable delivery to your door, anywhere in the world.


Position Promo take pride in ensuring all jobs meet Australian standards for safety and ethical practice. In a changing environment, we have staff on the ground in China that complete not only quality control testing but also social, environmental and financial auditing services. This not only protects the brands we represent but is also aligned with our own corporate best practice and ethical standards.

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