Our Vision

Our vision is to be a supplier of choice for corporate Australia, and to deliver tangible social impact for Aboriginal Australians through the investment of profits into our Social Impact Fund.

Despite great strides being made towards a nation that recognises, celebrates and respects the richness of Aboriginal Australian customs, traditions and diversity, striking disparities persist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. This is particularly true in the areas of health, economic and social inclusion and empowerment.

A Supply Nation report released in May, 2018 found that certified Aboriginal businesses generated a substantial social return on investment for their communities.

Key findings indicated that for every $1 of revenue earned, certified Aboriginal businesses generated $4.41 of economic and social value and that owners of Indigenous businesses reinvested revenue in their communities.

By committing to long-term sustainability and business growth, Position Promo wants to realise the ability to provide employment opportunities within the business, along with engaging other Aboriginal-owned businesses or businesses committed to the long-term employment of Aboriginal people, all of which will support economic participation and inclusion.

Through the employment of Aboriginal staff, providing vocational training and real-life business experience, Position Promo will create an environment that offers Aboriginal Australians valuable experience and a launch pad from which they may start their business careers. 

In leveraging their experience, connections and capability Position Promo’s core team can provide real impact and enable a future where Aboriginal Australians have an increased share of social and financial equity.



Position Promo acknowledges Aboriginal Elders as the traditional custodians of this land. We recognise that the strength, resilience and capacity of Aboriginal people stems from the courage and determination shown by our Elders.

We acknowledge their effort in fighting for native title and for equal rights as First Nations Australians, which has provided a platform of opportunity to grow a successful future for coming generations.