Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an environment that practices elite standards and creates positive impact for Aboriginal Australians in the corporate arena.

  • To help develop positive role models for Aboriginal youth and real opportunity for future Generations
  • To re-invest profit into the employment and the creation of more Aboriginal owned companies across a range of industries
  • To create sustainable growth to allow for future employment and training
  • To launch the first Aboriginal owned IPO in Australia


Despite great strides being made by many people towards a nation that recognises, celebrates and respects the richness of Aboriginal Australian customs, traditions and diversity, striking disparities persist bewtween Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. This is particularly true in the areas of health, economic and social inclusion and empowerment.

Position is a company that is committed to positive impact and long term sustainability in this area. We believe through positive involvement, training and real life business experience we can create an environment that offers Aboriginal Australians a great platform in which to start their careers in business.

We believe by utilising our skills, detailed industry experience and connections we can provide this platform and invest in a model that is sustainable and creates real impact to enable a future whereby Aboriginal and non Aboriginal Australians share social and financial equity.

Elite Standards

Positive Impact

POSITION PROMO acknowledges Aboriginal Elders as the traditional custodians of this land. We recognise that the strength, resilience and capacity of Aboriginal people stems from the courage and determination shown by our Elders.
We acknowledge their effort in fighting for native title and for equal rights as First Nations Australians, which has provided a platform of opportunity to grow a successful future for coming generations.